This is a fun vampire movie that was made in 1985. I am sure it is now considered a cult classic. Chris Sarandon (as Jerry Dandridge) plays our vampire, and he plays it cool & suave. Charlie the kid next door is in danger knowing Dandridge's secret but Charlie's girfriend Amy is even in more danger. Amy is played by Amanda Bearse..you know her as Marcy from Married with Children. Charlie recruits Peter Vincent (TV vampire killer) to help him kill Dandridge. Vincent is played by Roddy McDowall. Good story, good cast and good effects. Its always been a favorite of mine.

May 2011: Read and saw a trailer, yes folks, they are remaking this classic. Colin Farrell will play the lead. To be honest, it looks pretty good. I normally don't like remakes and won't even bother to watch them because I love the originals so much. I will be checking this one out.
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