I don't think the critics cared for this movie - who cares - I really liked it and think its one of the best because of the story line. In this film Gerald Butler (300) is our handsome Dracula. There are some good twists in this version. Van Helsing admits he is actually the original Van Helsing from 1897. How could he live so long without aging? Turns out he has been giving himself injections of Dracula's blood to stay alive until he killed Dracula for good. The 2nd twist, Mary (Van Helsing's daughter) unknowingly shares Dracula's blood. They are connected, she has telepathic dreams of him and he senses & seeks her out. The 3rd twist, Dracula is actually someone from the bible. I won't give it away incase you want to check out this flick. This is a good interesting sexy film.
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