Bram Stoker's Dracula

Coppola started this movie completely different from any other Dracula movie I'd ever seen before. Count Dracula and his army are away battling the Turks, meanwhile his love Elisabeta is tricked into thinking her Dracula has been killed in battle and commits suicide. When Dracula returns home after hearing this news, his heart is breaking and he goes insane with rage and becomes a blood thirsty killer. First time I ever saw Dracula with long hair - loved it and loved Gary Oldman as Dracul. I thought Sadie Frost as Lucy (Sadie is Jude Law's ex-wife) was really good too eventhough its not how Lucy really is in the book or in other Dracula movies. The cinematography through out the entire movie was outstanding. You can't go wrong with erotica, blood & gore. I thought I wouldn't like Wiona Ryder but it was Keanu Reeves as Harper and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing who were miscast. Good thing all the other actors make this movie good.
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