Half human, half vampire. This hybrid is known as the daywalker, aka Blade. Hats off to Wesley Snipes. Talk about eyes glued to the screen. The story starts at an underground nightclub in a slaughterhouse, pulsating music blasting, and a sprinkler system that sprays blood, blood, and more blood. Imagine being the only human in this club full of vampires in a frenzy. Now that's a great opening scene. The action is non stop. I was happy to see Udo Kier, Kris Kristofferson as Whistler and Stephen Dorf as Deacon (a non-pureblood). We find out wanna-a-be vampires are known as "familiars" (a human slave owned by a vampire). This movie is really good.


So good, they made two sequels. Blade II and Blade Trinity. In Blade II, Blade teams up with The Bloodpack and battles mutant vampires - one word to describe this film - awesome!! In Blade Trinity a group of vampires bring back the head vampire, Dracula aka Drake. Blade this time teams up with The Nightstalkers (Biel & Reynolds) to deal with Drake. Like the first movie, these two in the Trilogy are action packed. Heard Snipes interested in a fourth movie....
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Blade II
Blade Trinity
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